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School Assembly & Special Assemblies

School Assembly & Special Assemblies

School assembly programs are important aspects of a curriculum. Broadly defined, an assembly takes place when the students gets together to discuss a topic, share experiences, or both.

These have the power to make positive contributions to student’s self-development. The most important factor of a school assembly is wholeness—the participation of all students, whether it’s the entire middle school population or a specific group, like pre- primary students. A good school assembly program can foster a sense of togetherness and unity.

 Motivational and special school assembly programs encourage students to reflect on specific topics relevant to them as well as universal values such as respect, cooperation, and peace. Thirdly, motivational assemblies are crucial in personal and social education as well as moral and cultural aspects of a curriculum. It covers topics that cannot be covered in traditional classroom settings.

At LPS Global school, every morning begins with morning assemblies are organized to celebrate important occasions like Earth Day, Republic Day etc.

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