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The LPS Global School Noida has been established under the aegis of Sita Devi Memorial Shiksha Sansthan, Noida. It is a Top International School in Noida with amenities and facilities at par with the best in the world. This Best International school in Noida has been architecturally sensitive to the needs of children. It has built age-appropriate infrastructure. When students graduate from school, their entry into the world should be so smooth that not even a ripple should mar the transition from adolescence to adulthood, it should be so impactful that it touches the lives of multitudes, and it should be so unique that it remains etched in the minds of those who reveled in it. Our top Internationa School in Noida have been awarded many times for being the Best cbse school in Noida. This is the dream that we at LPS Global School in Noida have for our students. We want to prepare them so that they can face challenges and accept success with humility. We want them to be known as honorable players and not just as winners, as wise and not just intelligent, as understanding and not just knowledgeable, as kind and compassionate and not just friendly. The School have won awards in all co-curricular activities and became the Top International School in Noida. The School have also been awarded for Best Pre Nursery School in Noida NCR. Life at LPS International School in Noida is an enriching journey where students gain insight into the intricacies of academics but also enjoy sports and a plethora of co-curricular activities.

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LPS Global School - Best CBSE School in Noida

The search for the best CBSE school in Noida will surely lead you to LPS Global School. LPS Global school in Noida is located in the heart of the city in sector 51. It is a top school in Noida offering the world class infrastructure. LPS Global School is the best international school in Noida offering CBSE curriculum. It has been awarded as Best CBSE School in Noida from last 4 years. The school is applauded as the best global school in Noida for its approach towards the wholesome development of a child. A staff of highly qualified and well-trained teachers ensure that education is imparted using best and up to date pedagogical elements and teaching methodologies. LPS Global school focuses on holistic development and growth of the child. Experience based learning is the key guiding factor while guiding the curriculum planning. The School aims at providing value-based quality education to develop along with intellectual excellence and achievement, the multi-faceted personality of the child as a moral and social being, with special emphasis to inculcate healthy moral values. It is indeed the best school in Noida for your child.


Infrastructure - LPS GLOBAL School in Noida


The central monitoring system ensures total safety & complete security of the school building and for all the students (CCTVs).The form and the colours of the building have been carefully selected to provide mental stimulation to the children.


Books are a gateway to a world of limitless opportunity. The school boasts of a well-stocked library with books for every age group. There is a reference section and a Teacher's Corner as well.


LPS Global School is fitted with smart boards in all the classrooms. The use of technology motivates the learners by giving them an opportunity to enjoy interactive learning. The subjects also come alive.


Our infirmary is staffed by a full time nurse and a visiting doctor who monitor the general physical development of our children and provide immediate first-aid treatment as needed.

Recent Activities - LPS GLOBAL School in Noida

Inter School Literary Fest Carpe Diem 4th ED

LPS Global School

'Carpe diem'- An amalgamation of literary skills is a fest hosted by the LPS Global School every year. This year the event conducted on August 21, 2021 witnessed an enthusiastic participation from various schools.

Annual Exhibition - eclat

LPS Global School

We believe: "Celebrate what you have accomplished but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed" Keeping this in mind we present before you some glimpses from the 2nd edition of éclat, the Annual Art Exhibition of our school.

Sports Day

LPS Global School

LPS Global School organised its 2nd Annual Sports Day on 2nd and 4th February 2019 where all the students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm.

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Activity Calendar September 2020-2021

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  • Special Assemblies
  • Pre Nursery
  • Nursery
  • KG
  • Class 1
  • Class 2

Special Assemblies

  • Grandparent's Day
  • Teachers' Day
  • Gandhi Jayanti

Pre Nursery

  • Make a family tree
  • Make a respect headband


  • Fancy Dress
  • Origami flower making


  • Speech day – respect for you is ….
  • Make a respect bracelet

Class 1

  • Our little scientists – present a science experiment
  • Little bookworms - Read a story

Class 2

  • Our little scientists - present a science experiment
  • Be an Author – Make your own story with props

Online Event - LPS GLOBAL School in Noida


"As a Pre –Primary teacher, it has been a wonderful experience working in LPS Global School. It is a child–centric school in true sense. From infrastructure to the curriculum along with day to day activities everything is planned in a way to facilitate the children in developing their language skills, social skills and motor skills. The Management & the Principal are very supportive and working towards making it the best school in Noida."

Tanya Tewatia


"I enjoy coming to school every day. My teachers explain all the topics very nicely. The school gives me a lot of opportunities to participate in competitions and for public speaking during assemblies & in class. I really enjoy being in the school as my teachers' supports me very much in all activities and make us learn things in a very interesting way. Proud to be a Part of LPS Global School as it's the Top school in Noida."



"Very grateful for the rich learning environment in Nursery. As a parent I found the staff particularly teachers very friendly and approachable. "The class is organized well and there are imaginative ideas used to help the children share and learning". This could responds well to any concern I raise. Thank you for helping my daughter to improve her learning and her confidence. This is a Wonderful school in Noida."

Shikha Singh


"I feel privileged to work with LPS Global School where I work as a primary teacher, as it's one of the best schools in Noida. I have great Support of the management and my co staff members. Together we encourage our students to grow and learn in creative ways, going beyond books and the class room. The teacher student ratio help us to give individual attention to each student, helping them to learn and perform better."

Sonia Sharma


"My child has never been more happy to go to school. Her progress has been tremendous. I would like to applaud the management and teachers for their support and encouragement which has helped my child bloom into a beautiful flower. I always wanted my child to be in the top school in noida. I have seen significant growth in her personality, behavior and way of thinking. Undoubtedly, it's the Best school in Noida."

Sadia A Khan


Awards - LPS GLOBAL School in Noida