At LPS Global School we offer a blend of the best in national and international curricula. Our approach facilitates seamless progression between different educational stages at the same time ensuring smooth transition from one curriculum to the other. Our curriculum focuses on developing the whole child, and individualizes student support, giving students both a global and a local perspective and enabling them to develop skills for life.

  • In the primary section, the students enter a new world of formal teaching where the focus is on the teaching of subjects.
  • The curriculum is planned in the true interdisciplinary spirit. The concepts are neatly integrated, encouraging the students not only to accumulate knowledge but also apply them in real life.
  • Initial focus is on the development of skills – subjective as well as life skills through student friendly approach and activity based approach in the classroom.
  • The subjects taught in primary classes include English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Science and Computer (ICT). There are no formal examinations for these classes.
  • Children are assessed continuously in both curricular and co-curricular areas throughout the year. The process of assessment is learner friendly and learning oriented where a teacher as a keen observer keeps an eye on the participation & performance of a child in various scholastic and co-scholastic activities planned for the session.
  • The observations recorded at various stages by the teacher are documented in a prescribed format on a regular basis. The activities include assignments, projects, various exercises in the form of worksheets and practice sheets, Nature Walks, field trips and indoor & outdoor activities.
  • The lessons are interspersed with project work. Worksheets of different levels are designed to check the understanding level of the child. Children are given opportunity to improve their skills & concepts through successive worksheets.
  • Rubrics are used as an assessment tool to give a clear picture of the child’s performance both in scholastic as well as co-scholastic areas. Rubrics are grading sheets where each criterion is described by a performance indicator.
  • The feedback of performance and progress of children is given to the parents in the form of a Progress Report, and the overall performance of children in scholastic and co-scholastic areas is reported on the basis of marks/ grades scored by them in various assessments.