At LPS Global School we offer a blend of the best in national and international curricula. Our approach facilitates seamless progression between different educational stages at the same time ensuring smooth transition from one curriculum to the other. Our curriculum focuses on developing the whole child, and individualizes student support, giving students both a global and a local perspective and enabling them to develop skills for life.
Our Pre – Primary programme encourages children to develop Confidence, Independence, Self-awareness and a feeling of Self–worth, enabling them to become aware of the world around them. Teaching environment is based on love, affection and motherly touch. We incorporate Play-way, Kindergarten and Montessori methods to develop following skills of our students: -

  • Aesthetic & Affective skills: Children learn how to express and communicate their emotion and imagination through effective and meaningful ways.
  • Cognitive Skills: Children develop their thinking ability which helps them to understand, apply, analyse, evaluate and create.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Stimulates hand-eye coordination of smaller muscle movements. Synchronise use of their eyes and fingers simultaneously.
  • Gross Motor Skills: Strengthens larger muscles to develop their ability to perform a wide range of physical body actions.
  • Language Acquisition Skills: Children gain ability to observe, understand and communicate which helps in language development.