Month of March marked the beginning of the end of the academic session 2017-18. One and all were deeply involved in the completion of the work assigned to them for the session. Preparations for the final examination for classes V-VII and the Evaluation cycle IV for classes I- IV were completed with great care.

  • Date-sheet and syllabus for the same was sent to students and were also uploaded in ERP.
  • Teachers prepared elaborate revision worksheets for the students and helped them in clearing their doubts about various concepts.
  • 1st and 2nd of March was declared off on account of Holi and teachers were given 3rd March off in lieu of 2nd
  • 8th March was given off to the students as a preparatory leave.
  • Final examination for classes V- VII started from 9th March and finished on 19th
  • Evaluation Cycle IV for students of classes I-IV was completed by 21st March .
  • Session break for the students of classes V-VII started once their exams were over.
  • Session break for all the students of classes pre-nursery to IV started on 24th
  • Retests for absent students were conducted on 22nd March and for the weak students were conducted on 26th and 27th
  • Report cards were prepared for all the students from Pre-Nursery to Class VII.
  • Photocopies of the report cards of the students of I-VII were made and put in record after the signature of the parents.
  • Photographs of the students of Pre-Nursery to KG were ordered and later put in their report cards.
  • Classes were organized for the Parent Teacher interaction scheduled for 28th
  • PTI was very successful and the parents were satisfied by the progress made by their wards during the academic session 2017-18.
  • Parents were assured that the high academic standards will be upheld and maintained.


  • New session will start from 2nd April 2018.
  • Teachers were asked to prepare detailed week-wise syllabus for all the subjects they were allotted.
  • Format of the above said breakup was provided by Principal ma’am.
  • A detailed activity calendar for the up-coming session was prepared by Ms. Alka Sharma under the guidance of Principal ma’am.
  • Same calendar was used to design the week-wise break up for academics and also to assess the number of working and teaching days for the upcoming session.
  • Time table (Teacher as well as class) was prepared for the upcoming session.
  • Teachers also thought about themes and presentation of the class boards and prepared a detailed outlined and got approval from Principal ma’am.
  • The requisite material and the stock was procured for the new session.
  • Class lists for the new session were compiled and handed over to the teachers.
  • A new KG class Magpie was created as the number of students being promoted from Nursery and new admissions were 31 in total.
  • Two new teachers joined for the new session: Ms Bhavna Duggal and Ms Shubhashri
  • Extra duties were allotted to all the teachers and a list was prepared for the same.
  • Hobby classes were planned, which will start from the new session and will be held four days in a week from Monday to Thursday from 2:30pm to 3:30pm.
  • Various Clubs were also planned and the teachers were segregated into these as per their interests. Each child will be allotted one club as per his or her interest.
  • A whole lot of new books worth around two lakhs were bought to upgrade the library.
  • Booklist of all the classes was prepared and handed over to the vendor.
  • Requisite changes were made in the Prospectus and Almanac for the new session. New pocket pages were also designed and prepared.
  • Teachers were asked to deposit their phones at the reception to Ms. Nirmal in the morning and to collect it in the afternoon before leaving.


Date: 23rd March

On 23rd March a session end meeting was arranged in the AV room and was addressed by Vice Chairman Sir and Chairman Sir.

They appreciated the teachers and the staff for their dedication and hard work shown during the session.

They encouraged them to keep putting in their best and to work towards the betterment of the school and its students.

Vice-chairman Sir highlighted the difference between the qualities of an average teacher and a good teacher.

He also encouraged teachers to brainstorm about what actually the word Education meant for them and helped them to synthesize their ideas and reach a consensus.

School dress policy was clearly put forth and the teachers were encouraged to adhere to it.

They also warned the teachers to avoid gossip, negativity and ill-will towards each other.

Date: 28th March

On 28th March another meeting was scheduled for the teachers which was addressed by Principal ma’am after the PTI.

Attendance of the PTI was discussed along with the feedback of the parents.

Teachers were asked to maintain high standards of teaching and learning.

They were to ensure above average to good standard of question papers for the students and were also advised to conduct regular tests to assess the depth of learning amongst the students.

Time-table was handed over to the teachers along with good wishes for the new upcoming session.


Pre-Primary Classes
An excursion to traffic Police Park was arranged for all the students of Pre-Nursery to KG on 16th March.

All the teachers and the headmistress accompanied the teachers in the two buses .All the nannies and a male guard also went along to take care of the safety and security of the students.

A demonstration regarding the traffic rules and regulations was given to the students and a lot of photographs were also clicked.

Students enjoyed a lot, their enjoyment was more so because of the long bus ride they undertook. It was a novelty for them.

An excursion was arranged for the students of classes I-IV to Railway Museum on 23rd March’18

They were accompanied by their class teachers.

They saw the life size exhibits of locomotives and coaches preserved by the museum. These included primitive steam engines, first electrical engine and rare engines like the Patiala State Mono Rail and John Morris Fire Engine.

They learnt many interesting and unique facts about workings of the railways.

They also enjoyed a ride in the Toy Train.


Work- Shops:

A workshop on English Proficiency in class-rooms was conducted by Ms Kaveri from Pearson on 28th March’18.

She talked about the importance of languages in our lives and the ways in which we acquire them.

Various methods such as audio video aids, dictation etc. used to help students gain proficiency in English language were discussed. She also highlighted the manner in which these could be used to make acquisition of language stress free.

A work-shop for pre-primary teachers has been scheduled for 7th April Saturday. Resource person will be from Next-Education.

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